Checking the List and Checking it Twice – Who Did Legalization Right?

We're checking the list once, and we're checking it twice to see who did cannabis legalization right.

When it comes to the topic about places you can legally buy and consume cannabis, in the past, talk usually shifted towards Colorado or California. Recently, that talk shifted to Michigan as they became the 10th state in the United States of America to legalize adult use retail cannabis.

Some places have had a smooth ride with cannabis legalization and others have a bit of a bumpy one. People who live in Washington State can tell you all about crappy cannabis reform laws. Oregon stood up for consumers keeping their personal information safe from prying eyes. Having legal cannabis is better than not having it at all. Nevada ran out of weed when they launched recreational cannabis sales just like many places in Canada did.

While the rest of the world seems to be moving past the draconian days of marijuana prohibition and adopting positive cannabis reform laws, the U.S. however is at a slow crawl for change. Citizens across the nation are fighting for their freedom and rights. Half the country has some form of legal access to cannabis and the other half is still clinging to the ways of yesteryear. America seems to be a more divided nation than a united one these days. On a bright note, some states have exercised their rights and defied the U.S. federal government by legalizing cannabis and giving the people access to cannabis in their state. Let's look at the 10 states in America that currently have legal adult use retail cannabis laws supporting the will of the people.


Alaska legalized cannabis in 2015 and opened the first recreational cannabis dispensary in late 2016. With an estimated 2 million + people visiting Alaska annually spending an estimated 2 billion dollars this frozen frontier not only offers spectacular scenery, but they also have magnificent greenery. Ancillary services that cater to the cannabis industry stand to help provide Alaska with much needed jobs. Besides that, any place that stays dark for 30 days straight needs weed.


California has had legal medical cannabis since 1996. As of 2016 recreational cannabis became legal in California but only in certain areas. Certain cities have banned recreational sales. You can still consume, but you just can't legally purchase cannabis in these places such as Bakersfield and Fresno. You can enjoy cannabis lounges in San Francisco but will find them hard if not impossible to find in LA.


Colorado legalized cannabis in 2012.  Since then the number of dispensaries in Colorado has grown to outnumber Starbucks and McDonald's combined. Colorado has adult use and medical cannabis. Having medical cannabis laws help provide more affordable access to cannabis for patients. Cannabis laws in Colorado are approaching what lawmakers refer to as a sunset. This means it’s time to revise them based on what is working and what’s not.


Washington will sell you recreational weed but don’t try to grow it yourself and no sharing that joint. You can have up to one ounce on you in the state. If you ask a lot of people there how they feel about cannabis reform laws in the state they will tell you they suck. They do however have access to legal cannabis through dispensaries and many places throughout Washington offer very competitive pricing on some great ganja!


Oregon legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2015. Since legalization happened, the state has paid out 85 million dollars in cannabis tax revenue. These tax dollars have helped fund public health initiatives, schools, local government, and state police. Oregon made a stand protecting consumer identities but at the same time drove down prices for business owners by flooding the market with product.


Nevada legalized recreational cannabis sales on July 1st of 2017. Just like opening day for legal cannabis sales in Canada, Nevada also ran short on supplies. More people visit Las Vegas Nevada than any other tourist destination in America. What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas anymore. When visitors try cannabis there, they often want it when they go home to. Rumor has it that CBD is extremely popular on the Vegas strip for helping with the infamous Vegas hangovers.


Vermont allows residents to possess one ounce and grow up to six plants but doesn’t have any place to buy cannabis legally. The Green mountain state was the first to pass recreational cannabis by legislature vs ballot initiative.  Vermont faces several problems when it comes to growing cannabis like short outdoor seasons and a lack of open land. Some potential cannabis cultivators in Vermont are even considering doing power line grows. Congratulations Vermont for electing officials that support the will of the people!


Massachusetts legalized recreational Cannabis back in 2016, but legal dispensaries did not open their doors until July of 2018. When dispensaries did finally open their doors, they brought in astronomical amounts of revenue from cannabis sales. In the first five days of legal recreational cannabis sales the two dispensaries in Massachusetts raked in an impressive $220k per day. In comparison, a dispensary in California normally does around $300k in sales in a month. It may have taken two years for the state to open dispensary doors but the people who live there are still happy about it.


Maine just legalized cannabis for adults. Residents there can expect to see legal cannabis dispensaries open their doors sometime in 2019. Adults in Maine are allowed to grow three flowering plants at any one time and have up to 2.5 ounces of cured cannabis. The main problem in Maine will be growing what you need until dispensaries open their doors sometime in 2019.


Medical cannabis has been legal in the state of Michigan since 2008. As of December 6th, 2018, retail cannabis is legal in the state of Michigan for adults 21 and over, but they have no place to purchase it legally. It could be as long as two years before dispensaries are open for the public to purchase cannabis legally.

If you live in a state that doesn’t allow legal access to cannabis, be sure you let Santa know that you want legal cannabis. They say he is checking his list and he’s checking it twice to find out which politicians are being naughty and which ones are being nice. Nice politicians support cannabis legalization and mean ones support being voted out of office. So if you’re a politician be nice and support cannabis legalization in your state, Santa Clause, and your constituents are watching you.