Citiva Dispensary – Brooklyn’s First Opening this December

New York medical cannabis dispensaries have been operational in the state since 2016. Since then, however, there has not been a medical marijuana dispensary located in Brooklyn. This is about to change.

This December, Brooklyn will welcome the opening of Citiva.

This news was announced just shortly after Queens’ received their first medical cannabis dispensary earlier this year.

Citiva Set to Be Brooklyn’s First Medical Dispensary

Citiva dispensary which is owned by Michael Quattrone will open their doors at 202 Flatbush Ave. While Michael plans to offer a plethora of cannabis products for patients, the design and feel of the space are very distant from the stoner flair of smoke shops that are sprinkled throughout the area.

The Citiva dispensary looks more like a day spa, according to Quattrone though they were "going for a modern-day apothecary [feel] with a Brooklyn vibe." To enter the showroom, you will need to either be an employee of Citiva or be able to show proof of your medical cannabis patient status in the state of New York.

No Sativa Flowers at Citiva

Citiva will offer many different cannabis products including cannabis oils, cannabis capsules, cannabis-infused topicals, and more. Unfortunately, however, they will not be offering dried flower varieties or edibles as the state medical cannabis program does not allow for them.  

This restriction doesn't come without static though as dried cannabis bud and edibles tend to be the more budget-friendly options for cannabis patients. It is for this reason that the New York medical cannabis program has received a lot of negative feedback.

A High Cost for Patients

Hopefully, as more states come on board with medical cannabis, NY will change their stance and allow these types of products for patients in the state as well. Unfortunately, the cost of medical cannabis products is not covered by insurance in the state of New York.

This means that all product must be paid for out of pocket by the patient. Sadly, many of them are unable to afford enough cannabinoid-based products to consistently and efficiently treat their ailments or conditions.

Despite this downfall of the program, medical cannabis patients in the state are ecstatic to have some form of legal access to cannabis and patients in Brooklyn are thrilled that a medical dispensary will soon be open in the area!