Growing Wild’s First Episode Features Portland’s Fascinating Cannabis Community

Cannador CEO Zane Witzel is producing a mini docu-series that showcases cultivators and culture in recreationally legal states across America.

It’s called Growing Wild.

The first episode focuses on the Portland weed scene and features several notable cannabis industry professionals, such as Phylos Bioscience’s, Prism House’s Samantha Montanaro, East Fork Cultivars’ Mason Walker, Cascadia Labs’ Jeremy Sackett, Farma’s Emma Chasen and HiFi Farms’ Lee Henderson.

Today, episode one premieres on Cannador’s YouTube page. 

Witzel on Growing Wild: “There's a very apparent disconnect between the science and social consensus of cannabis legalization. Traditionally, one follows the other, but our government is having difficulty pushing past the irrational scheduling of cannabis that was made almost 50 years ago. Over the past three years, I've been having general conversations with people from around the U.S. on the topic of cannabis and I've found it to be awkward given this disconnect, so I'm taking an investigative approach to learn about what's going on from the ground up. I'll be talking with businesses, growers and scientists to understand more of their world and how it all fits into the big picture. I also want to show that in this time of extreme division over everything but the law of gravity, our country is starting to see the benefits of cannabis, particularly the health benefits of CBD. It's an exciting time and I want to capture it on film.”

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