Colorado-based AlpinStash Grows Craft Cannabis, Made with Love

An Interview with Cannabis Cultivator Emily Sloat

AlpinStash was founded when Danny Sloat realized the benefits of consuming and growing cannabis as opposed to taking prescription opioids.

With help from his sister Emily, fiance Murr, and family friend Silvia, AlpinStash has become one of the most respected grows in the region. Their cannabis plants are high quality and grown without the use of harsh chemicals. When visiting these select retailers in Colorado, be sure to ask for AlpinStash’s original strains like Cura, Lemmiwinks and Sodosopa. Recently, VIRIDE spoke with Emily about the craft cannabis garden’s strains, partnerships, and methods used to grow their healthy and delicious plants.

AlpinStash cultivates buds that are grown without the use of chemicals. Not only does this produce better tasting buds, it is also environmentally sound and great for the consumer’s wellbeing. Do you feel like you and your team watch the flowers more closely to avoid contamination either from bugs, fungus or bacteria? How do you avoid these issues without the use of pesticides or other chemicals?

Definitely. Part of our whole philosophy is that we give our plants a ton of care and attention. That means checking each plant every single day to see if there is anything wrong with it. We hand feed everything. The soil is tested through a pH test so that we don’t over or under feed them. We make sure that the pH is correct for the soil. Every plant gets what it needs during its life cycle. Powdery mildew is on every plant outside. One of the ways that we control that is we change clothes every day. We have clothes and shoes that are only worn in the facility. We come to work freshly showered, which also helps reduce the possibility of tracking in powdery mildew.

AlpinStash came to be due to your brother being sick and taking 19 different prescription medications. Would you have gotten involved in the marijuana industry if not for his ailments?

I don’t think so. I don’t think this ever would have come into my line of vision if it wasn’t something I’d seen firsthand. My brother is doing great now. A few years ago, I also had major surgery. Thankfully, I was able to take cannabis along with some pain medication since the meds made me so sick. So, I’m able to relate to Danny’s experience a little bit.  

You were featured in New Smoker Magazine as one of the “women who elevate weed.” You help to run a great company that focuses on smaller batches, grown without the use of any sort of harmful chemicals. Can you talk a little bit about your contributions to the marijuana industry?

We mostly grow, but we really want to focus on educating people, especially about CBD. It’s important how your cannabis is grown. There are some widespread and unethical practices in the cannabis cultivation side of things. People don’t always know that what they’re consuming, and contaminated cannabis can have very harmful chemicals in them. What we do is not the easy way, but it is the right way for sure.

What’s the benefit of glass curing your cannabis?

With glass curing, we store cannabis in glass jars where it stays for at least a month. We pop the jars every day to let some air out. The process makes sure the bud doesn’t get too wet or too dry, and keeps a consistent humidity. It’s kind of like aging wine or whiskey. It doesn’t burn as much when you smoke it and it brings out the flavors.

AlpinStash has several great strains and the website has a page dedicated to strains cultivated by your company. How do you and your team come up with these AlpinStash Originals?

Mostly, Danny does the breeding. Because we don’t use harmful chemicals, it is important to grow plants that are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and pests. We focus on growing plants that are super hearty. We also like to grow strains that we enjoy the effects of, as well as those that have a great flavor and smell.

Do you have anything new and exciting coming up soon?

We are always working on new AlpinStash Originals. We don’t like to release them until they’ve been tested and come to flower, which can take months. We have two projects going on right now that are really cool. First, we are working with Front Range Biosciences. They focus on genomes and look at the tissue cultures to determine if the plant is male or female before it flowers. They’re doing a lot of interesting things on that front. Also, we’ve been working with Holiday the Hustla, a rapper in Memphis, to create an original strain called Purps by Penny. Holiday and his team come out here regularly, and are filming a documentary about the whole process called The Color Purple. They’re hands on with the entire endeavor. You can watch it on 2 Suave Entertainment’s Youtube channel.

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Photo credit: Emerald Lens

Photo credit: Emerald Lens