3 Low Key 420 Events You Don’t Want to Miss

...And the best spots for spring flowers nearby

The day the cannabis industry looks forward to all year is finally here. Deals, giveaways, parties, bus tours. Where to begin?

There are so many in Portland it’s easy to get lost in the choices. Some prefer the excitement of live music and parties, while others lean toward the quieter atmospheres offered by an intimate gathering or workshop. For everyone in between, here’s a list of three low key 420 events in the Portland area, and the corresponding spring flowers that bloom nearby them, on the chance you’d like to go for a stroll before or after to hang out amidst the peak of spring’s most vibrant and colorful springtime blossoms as you celebrate one of the smokiest days of the year. 

Two Flowers Dinner / Cherry Blossoms

April 20th, 2017

$65 | 21+ | 6pm


1800 E Burnside

Portland, OR 97214

Waterfront Park

NW Glisan St

Portland, OR 97209

Before you head over to the Two Flowers Dinner, talk a walk through Tom McCall Waterfront Park, only 1.5 miles from EastBurn, for a stunning view of the 100 Akebono cherry trees given to Portland in 1990 by the Japanese Grain Importers Association. Watch in awe as the cherries pop pink and white and its pedals swirl all around you.

“Two Flowers Dinner” is an event brought to us by Coalition Brewing and EastBurn on 4/20 that brings hemp and hops together for an evening of food pairings and CBD beer (available only at this event). Chef Brandon Smoak invites you to partake in a five course hemp and hops infused meal with Bill the Cannabis Science Guy and Indio Spirits. 

Puff, Pass & POTtery PDX / Rare Roses

April 20th, 2017

$75 | 21+ | 7pm

Prism House PDX

10734 NE Shaver St

Portland, OR 97220

Peninsula Park Rose Garden

700 N Rosa Parks Way

Portland, OR 97217

Peninsula Park Rose Garden is a century old formal French garden located within 15 mins of Prism House in Northeast Portland. Make some time before the dinner to visit these more than 5,000 rare and beautiful rose bushes set along grassy paths and brick walkways/ramps (for all to access). Portland’s official rose, Madame Caroline Testout, was planted here in the early 1900s. 

Brought to you by Prism House PDX and Stonedware, Puff, Pass, and POTtery is meeting up on 4/20 for a 2 hour long smoke sesh to create a “spoon or chillum and ashtray combo.” The one time $75 fee includes all necessary materials needed for the painting, glazing, and shipping of your combo piece. 

Bud Brother’s Apothecary CBD Tea Sampling on 420 / Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Hybrids

April 20th, 2017

Free | 21+ | 2pm

Fresh Buds (permanently closed)

110 SE Main St

Portland, OR 97214

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

5801 SE 28th Ave

Portland, OR 97202

How nice would it be to check in with the Bud Brothers for some CBD infused tea on 4/20, then head to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, more relaxed than ever and happy as can be that it’s 4/20, to catch a glimpse of the outstanding collection of rhododendrons and azaleas there in full bloom? It sounds like a dream, only it’s not a dream at all! Crystal Springs is just 12 mins away from Freshbuds, where the tour will kick off with free CBD tea samples.

After an hour and a half or two, the group will head to Doctor’s Orders for 4/20 festivities. Why not sneak away in between locations to immerse yourself in a bit of nature, get centered, and remind yourself that cannabis is a natural resource given to us by the land? Give thanks on this most precious holy day and then smoke (or vape) on into the night.