Green Friday: The Daily Leaf Dishes Excellent Deals

The Daily Leaf

Over the past year, The Daily Leaf founders Stephen Gold and Andy Yashar have witnessed the cannabis industry in Oregon mature. More and more producers, processors, and retailers have received the green light from the OLCC to turn their operations online. The Daily Leaf has been there with these companies, helping them navigate through the recreational marketplace. When they launched in November 2015, it was with a bang, boasting huge Green Friday deals offering consumers a quarter ounce of flower for only 20 bucks! “We wanted to show our appreciation for the community,” shares Gold. They’ve kept that mantra of showing appreciation throughout the last few years in building their business and can’t wait until this Green Friday, a day where consumers can come to The Daily Leaf and capture those amazing specials they curate.

This year, The Daily Leaf has partnered up with Buddies Brand and Mobelly Farms (Clean Green Certified) to offer a one-of-a-kind discount that allows consumers to walk into one of their partnering dispensaries and purchase a quarter ounce of flower and a half gram of live resin for only 40 dollars. That’s right, 40 dollars. This special is being offered exclusively in 25 retail locations across Oregon. In total, there will be 64 specials at each location. In honor of The Daily Leaf’s two year anniversary (yes, it’s on Green Friday), VIRIDE sat down with Gold to find out what’s up with your favorite money saving platform.

VIRIDE: We hear you’re creating an app...Can you tell us more about it?

Stephen Gold: Yes. We’ve been working on version two of The Daily Leaf for a few months now. It will expand The Daily Leaf’s reach outside of Oregon, and allow for a lot of cool features for both consumers and retailers, producers, and processors. Already, consumers can come onto our platform and find the best deals around Oregon and parts of Washington. They can check a special out, see the product that is on sale, decide if they want to go to the retailer, and then get directions to the location. With our newest version, consumers will have a lot more options to “play” with the deals they like, and the retailers they want more information from. People will also be able to go to their iOS and Android App Store, and simply download the newest version when it becomes available towards the end of this year.

V: You’re expanding to Vegas next. Why?

SG: We love Vegas! Las Vegas is a great market because you have a large dedicated population that loves the plant, as well as it being one of the largest tourist cities of this country. As The Daily Leaf grows in Oregon, we have plans to build that same reputation in other states and cities. Las Vegas would be an ideal expansion route for The Daily Leaf, as well as other states that have their recreational marijuana programs sorted out with a system in place that allows for commerce for all businesses on the chain.

V: Any plans to expand into Cali soon?

SG: We’d love the opportunity. California is ways off from having fully operational businesses producing and selling products. As we saw in Oregon, it takes a few years for laws and regulations to trickle all the way down to the point where a business is able to actually operate. We are focused on building a strong network here in Oregon, and then let the rest fall into place.

V: What are your impressions of the current state of Oregon’s cannabis industry?

SG: It is just starting. Businesses are still coming online and operational. This is really the first huge “Croptober.”  We have some nine million grams of marijuana in the METRC system right now. Last year at this same time, there was about two million grams. This allows for a lot of access to cannabis for consumers.

V: Does The Daily Leaf have any New Year’s Resolutions?

SG: …to smoke weed everyday.