Viride Life Sponsors Healhaus' Fly High Vibes

Viride is proud to sponsor Fly High Vibes, a HealHaus educational workshop presented by Cannaclusive on August 5th from 3-6 PM. This event includes a 1.5 hours Yin Yoga session with Tiffany Moore. All attendees will also receive a complimentary participant gift bag with CBD-infused products from Curaleaf, Sagely Naturals, Green Witch, Sprig, Aurora Elixirs and others valued at over $360! 


This Yoga and CBD centric event will elevate your knowledge surrounding how CBD infused products and yoga can go hand in hand. Admission to the event is only $40, and tickets can be purchased online.

Cannaclusive was founded to facilitate fair representation of minorities throughout the cannabis culture and industry. Cannaclusive celebrates all cultures in this beautiful community through experiences such as Fly High Vibes that provoke growing opportunities, thoughtful engagement, groundbreaking education for the minority cannabis community.

Located in Brooklyn, HealHaus is a joint wellness space that emanates positivity with colors and materials reflective of Mother Earth. Attend the upcoming Fly High Vibes educational workshop to learn more about yoga and CBD. Get your tickets today!

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