Pups Love These Cannabis Infused Oatmeal Turkey Dog Cookies

“I use my MagicalButter MB2e machine to infuse coconut oil for baking and use the “compost’ by filtering with boiling water to make my dog happy, too. I also make coconut milk infused cream for my smoothies, oatmeal and mashed potatoes,” says HAPPY Parties consultant Mary Stackhouse.

She’s been giving her dogs a spoonful of the waste from her Magical Coconut Oil daily. Her pup Buddy gleans a major amount of cannabinoids from the leftovers. He loves it and it seems to help him with arthritis from a busted hip while acting as a service dog for a veteran.

Besides being a HAPPY consultant, Mary rescues pit bulls and trains them as service dogs for wounded veterans. Allergies are always an issue. Dogs are most likely to be allergic to chicken, wheat, corn (a really big no no for pitties) eggs and soy. As the holidays approach, she likes to give treats to her neighbors and a bag of treats for their dogs. Some of her neighbors are asking for the medicated version this year, as it helps with their dogs anxiety, pain and increased their playful puppy side again.

Last year, Mary added a small amount of cannabis ‘compost’ leftover from her MagicalButter or Magical Coconut Oil to the cookies she made for those neighbors with large breeds. Her MagicalButter machine is always turning out something— and the stuff most folks throw away goes nicely into the cookies to help keep dogs healthy and pain free. “I usually use keif, but my dogs like the taste of coconut oil with flower or trim, too,” she says. By rinsing the compost with boiling water, the fat and THC rise to the top and most, if not all, of the THC is removed by skimming the fat. And, the dogs are getting the other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Remember, dogs have endocannabinoid systems, too, and need the cannabinoids in their diet to promote good health and well being. Her 12 year old pittie passed a year ago from a painful bone cancer. She loved her cannabis and cried for it at 4:20 pm every afternoon. It gave her a quality of life that their vet was very impressed by, noting that she never appeared in pain compared to the x-rays and what she had seen from similar cases.

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If a dog does ingest too much activated THC, (her puppy ate all the compost that had not been rinsed once) they do feel a bit disoriented. If this happens to you, please call your vet ASAP! She also highly recommend the book by renowned veterinarian, Dr. Robert Silver Medical Marijuana and Your Pet before starting cannabis treatment for your pets.

The cookie recipe below is medicated, so limit treats to 1-2 per day. “My dogs are incredibly crafty, knowing they get cookies when they bring me my slippers, help with recycling, take the laundry from the dryer, etc, and they do more chores for medicated cookies than regular, so I usually make 2 batches— one of each, cutting the non-medicated into triangles so I can tell the difference,” Mary adds.

Oatmeal Turkey Dog Cookies


3 Cups Oatmeal

1t. Baking Soda

½ t. Salt

½ Cup Turkey Skin and Fat

MagicalButter or Magical Coconut Oil compost


In food processor, pulse 3 cups oatmeal until coarsely ground. Add 1/2 cup boiling water and (optional) rinsed MagicalButter Coconut Oil or MagicalButter compost (approximately 1/4 c. of rinsed keif sludge), 1 t. baking soda, 1/2 t. salt, and 1/2 cup turkey skin and fat (Make sure all bones are removed). Pulse until wet and pulls away from sides of bowl. Place dough on oatmeal floured parchment paper (remember wheat flour is an allergen, but rice flour works well too). Let sit 3 minutes to stiffen. Sprinkle with oatmeal or rice flour and place second sheet of parchment paper on top. Roll out 1/2 inch thick. Cut into 1x2 inch squares - cut those diagonally if non-medicated and bake in 375 degree oven for 15 -20 minutes or until dry and brown.

Pro Tips:

  • Cooking at the ‘higher’ temperature also kills the THC, while activating many terpenes.

  • Freeze to preserve longer than 1 week.  

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