10 Cannabis Strains to Listen to this Weekend Cannabis Personified, Vol. 2

Welcome to Vol. 2 of Cannabis Personified! I’m back with a new list of strains and my top 10 favorite tracks of the week.

As always, if you’d like to listen to this playlist as you read, you can do so on Spotify’s Web Player here.

Lemon Pineapple - John & The Volta - Howling Waterfall

As a fan of Pineapple, it’s hard to imagine it could get any more Pineapple-y than it already is. But at last, a strain called Lemon Pineapple does exactly that. It’s an exponentially happier and energetic experience that’s beyond willing to help elevate your day; So much so that you’ll find yourself climbing new heights altogether. John & The Volta’s Howling Waterfall more than exudes this vibe. The way the melody wanders, often soaringly, from one moment of euphoria to the next, you can’t go rotten kicking off your day with this pairing.

Obama Kush - Lana Del Ray (with The Weeknd) - Lust for Life

This strain is more than just the name of a fellow ex-president. It’s the pinnacle of floaty relaxation. Lana and The Weeknd have once again blown us away with this dreamy pop duet about the fleeting moments life throws our way. Seek out some Obama Kush at your local dispensary and embed this deep-hearted duo into your sweetest dreams.

Chocolate Rock - Kauf - A Ruin

Kauf’s A Ruin is led by transcendental synth leads that are entrancing and so completely taken away by its own transcendence that it exercises its right to wonder to the very end. Part pop-fueled and part cloudy on a rainy day with a little pep in its step, Chocolate Rock will break into your nose with a fruity aroma that’ll linger far after the fact.

Cherry Pie Kush - OBESØN - Try To Explain It

Highly spliced and diced vocal fragmentation takes the spotlight in Try to Explain It. The song, like the strain, has a cerebral effect that’s not overly sedative, and coincidentally, the kind of flower (and song) that suits any time of day and mood. Durban Poison, Grandaddy Purple, and SFV OG parented Cherry Pie Kush, so it’s no surprise that its effects feel well-balanced. Recommended for those who need to recenter.

 Old School - Zola Blood - Nothing

Zola Blood’s latest single, Nothing, is a meditative, trance-like, rocket ship launched into space sort of feel. It’s contemplative and dark, slow to start, and slow to the beat. Old School’s relaxing effects are the result of a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC that soothes in all the right ways after a long day. My sole interpretation of CBD, especially when the CBD content outweighs the psychoactive effects provided by THC (which OS does), time seems to slow to the extremity of a slow-motion video with voices enunciating words octaves lower than usual. Listen for the synth-ier background keys that contribute to the overall atmosphere and fall into them forever, as they run for miles.

Dr. Grinspoon - Goldielocks - Liquify

Admittedly, Dr. Grinspoon may have made the list based on its rich history alone. The strain was named after a Lester Grinspoon, Harvard professor and passionate cannabist during the 70s. Because it was designed for the seasoned intellectual, the strain naturally tends toward introspection. The name of the song by Goldielocks, Liquify, preserves this introspection in the way that its synths melt into each other, layer by layer, like waves splashing in reverse. Test it out on the dance floor with heightened sensory awareness and invigoration. Energy will not be a problem for Dr. Grinspoon.

Bubblegum Kush - Les Loup - Colourblind (feat. Cybil)

Bubblegum Kush is as euphoric as it gets without sacrificing comfort. Its bubbly and optimistic characteristics make it the perfect strain for Les Loup’s Colourblind. 80s nostalgia plus strong female lead, infused with the innovative and complex musical inclinations of today, BBK can lead you to the dance floor or your bed all the same. But Colourblind might be better enjoyed…well, not in bed.

Sour Tsunami - Tei Shi - Keep Running

Oh the woes of an aging existence! Tei Shi’s Keep Running ponders a time in life when one is riddled with angst over the constant transitions into adulthood that in time reflect physically as “age.” Still, the message conveys acceptance, uplifts even. It’s honest and real, scared but certain, never looking back. What better strain than Sour Tsunami to reflect in high spirits, to see it clearly, whatever it is you’re looking at? Anticipate the future with this cultivar and then dance your way to it no matter what happens. Your body will be very agreeable under Sour Tsunami’s medicinal spell.

White Russian - ToKiMONSTA - Giving Up (feat. Jonny Pierce)

The Drums’ lead man Jonny Pierce joins TokiMONSTA for an electronic stroll through the town in the form of White Russian, a strain that crosses White Widow with AK-47 for a fairly hybridized experience. The track, a long way from the beach-y surf rock Pierce is used to, is amok with his stylistic vocals and character mood. Sparse but speedy at times, the beat (similar to the transitions WR makes when its effects change over the course of time) hangs till it comes to a full stop, finally ending on a definitive downbeat.

Tangie - M.I.A. - Platforms

I must say, matching a strain up with M.I.A.’s large personality was quite the task. In the end, it was only right it would be Tangie with its spunky vigor that tells it how it is when it needs to be told, and that’s as representatively energetic as she is. Expelling the kind of attitude one requires when taking down the establishment is fundamental M.I.A.-ness. Cue no fucks given dance moves.