10 Cannabis Strains to Listen to this Weekend Cannabis Personified, Vol. 1

Here are my top ten favorite strains reimagined as music I felt embodied or connected with it.

If you’d like to listen to this playlist as you read, you can do so here

Durban Poison - David Douglas - Lucine

Durban Poison is both highly and widely regarded by most for its active energy, colorful euphoria, and creative persona. Emerging electronic artist David Douglas embodies this veteran sativa strain perfectly with Lucine, the opening track off sophomore album Spectators of the Universe (2017). As the album art suggests, evidently, a close-up of an abstract expressionist texture on canvas, Lucine is a technicolor palette of vibrancy and atmosphere. This is the song you dance to every chance you get and the strain that keeps you moving while you’re at it.

Blue Wreck - The Weeknd - Rockin’

Blue Wreck is just exactly in line with the kind of live fast, die young lifestyle The Weeknd’s Abel Tesfaye has seamlessly integrated into his image and music. The immediate burst of cerebral euphoria and gradual body relaxation of this strain combines in such a way to loosen hips and quicken feet. It’s a beat-driven anthem to the early days of drugs, sex, and electronic dance music, and does NOT apologize for it. 90s kiddies, this one’s for you.

Hash Plant - of Montreal - a sport and a pastime

Hash Plant is known for its relaxing, sometimes sleepy, properties, but every once in a while I run into a type with an exceptionally diverse terpene background that makes it a tad hallucinogenic in the mind’s eye—at once energetic and uplifting with a slow fade out toward the end. Similar to the way Hash Plant carries itself is of Montreal’s a sport and a pastime. It picks up the pace almost straightaway, only to bring the tempo back down and then up again. It goes on like this until it stops on the last downbeat. The varied profile of vocal splicing and dicing also adds to the hallucinogenic effect.

Pineapple - Squarepusher - Exjag Nives

Pineapple and Squarepusher are pretty effortlessly one and the same. If you enjoy tweaking out to speedy electronic music, you’ll find Pineapple to be one of the best strains out there to keep that heart racing into the triple digits. Exjag Nives is one part chip tune, one part synth declaration of awesomeness! 

Fire Alien Strawberry - Com Truise - Memory

Fire Alien Strawberry, grown by one of Portland, Oregon’s most beloved cannabis growers, Resin Ranchers, is the funky, resinous partner to Com Truise’s bass-laden, 80s synth-inspired “slow-motion funk” ballads. Memory is purely electronic and, to a degree, a creatively repetitive slew of stream-of-consciousness style beats. This pair couldn’t be more suited for the Robo-Cop themed nightlife if it tried. Think Bladerunner meets Daft Punk meets Tron. 

Violet’s Delight - Lydia Ainsworth - Into the Blue

This classic purple hybrid is known for extremely high levels of the stress and anxiety relieving terpene linalool, its sweet grape flavor, and pungent floral aroma. In the case of Into the Blue (which itself sounds like a kind of flower), blue is meant to signify the deepest depths of one’s own fear (Ainsworth in her own words), but when I experimented with this pairing, I became introspective and mentally played for a minute with the idea of blue when it suddenly occurred to me. On the color spectrum, blue is eventually purple, purple is the color of lavender, lavender is the scent of tranquility, and tranquility is what I feel when I listen to Ainsworth. 

OG 78 - Zimmer, Fhin - Lost Your Mind

OG 78 is a clear and focused CBD strain great for the routine morning sesh. It smells of rosemary and pine with just a hint of citrus. Yum. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? It’s even more fitting that the song Lost Your Mind tells the story from the perspective of events that transpired the night before. The beat is gentle enough to bring you back into the day gradually but upbeat enough to warrant a dance move or two, nothing boisterous or an otherwise rambunctious noise that no one is ready to hear first thing in the morning. Pair OG 78 with Zimmer for a feel-good opening to your day. 

ACDC - O Mer - Icarus

O Mer’s vocals compliment this 1:20 CBD strain handsomely. Cleverly enough, it’s the non-intoxication CBD offers that makes Icarus so rich and elevating. “Why do you do this to yourself?” will repeat in your mind over and over afterward, each ring spreading a calm sense of freedom and transcendence. 

Sweet Tooth - Computer Magic - Been Waiting

I chose Sweet Tooth for Computer Magic because in the end when it comes to the sentiments of Danielle “Danz” Johnson, it always comes down to where her heart is. Her music is so pensive and heavy with emotion that when I listen I like to make sure I’ve picked a strain that makes me feel like I’m going to melt inward. And that’s exactly what Sweet Tooth did for me. It’s well-known for its genetics, which take from a combination of three landraces in Nepal, Afghanistan, and Hawaii. If you’re into having a heart to heart with a little bit of a beat to it, look no further. You've arrived! Time to get introspective.

Sugar Black Rose - Yelle - Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

Yelle, French pop sensation, never fails to transport you to an alternate universe. Hercorn on the cob and popcorn themed music video Complement Ma Fou will attest to that if you don’t believe me. Sugar Black Rose quickly became the perfect partner to her music when one night this indica-leaning strain somehow allowed me to surf on the waveforms embedded in Ici & Maintenant. My mental landscape was creative and colorful, and without a doubt the coolest way to surf on anything EVER, let alone sound waves.